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Partners Mentoring Youth creates and supports one-to-one mentoring relationships between positive adult role models and youth who are facing challenges in their personal, social and/or academic lives.


Information and photos courtesy of Partners Mentoring Youth published | august ‘09

partners mentoring youthEstablished in 1978, Partners Mentoring Youth is an organization that is intent on bringing enrichment to the lives of two important groups: adult mentors and at-risk youth.  With offices in Fort Collins, Loveland and Estes Park, Colorado, Partners Mentoring Youth is an organization that creates and supports one-on-one mentoring relationships between positive adult role models and youth who are facing challenges in their personal, social and academic lives.  Through an innovative and committed personal mentoring program, Partners Mentoring Youth helps to provide much-needed support and guidance to these youth, ultimately encouraging and empowering them to advance and make decisions that will improve their lives.

Partners Mentoring Youth serves youth who range in age from 7 to 17 who are referred to the program by local professionals in the community who feel that they would benefit from the organization’s long-term, community-based mentoring program.  After a thorough screening and matching process, the mentors and youths meet several times per week, building personal relationships and participating in life skills, community service and recreational activities together.  

The staff and volunteers at Partners Mentoring Youth proudly work together toward the following goals:

  • Promoting positive youth development
  • Increasing self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Preventing alcohol and drug use
  • Preventing juvenile delinquency
  • Providing support for abuse/neglect victims
  • Enhancing school bonding and academic performance

Partners Mentoring Youth also offers educational opportunities and trainings for their mentors so that they can learn more about the difficulties youths face today, such as mental health issues, substance abuse within families, victimization, etc.

Through the continuing dedication of Partners Mentoring Youth and their volunteers, the lives of both the youths and the adults who mentor them will continue to be radically changed – for the better!

Mentoring Works!

Recent evaluation results show that the youth in their program have experienced significant improvements in the following areas:

  • 93% improved their school performance
  • 75% exhibited improvement in delinquent behavior
  • Higher overall levels of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Stronger orientation and optimism toward their futures

Feedback from Youth ("Junior Partners")
"Anytime I'm with my Partner, I feel I can relax and be myself.  She helps me through tough times with friends, life at home, and anything else I may have problems with.  When I'm around her, I'm accepted."
- Junior Partner, age 13

"My Partner believes in me and that helps me believe in myself."
- Junior Partner, age 12

"It changed my life because she gave me something to look forward to, something to be, someone to look up to."
- Junior Partner, age 11

Feedback from Adult Mentors Youth ("Senior Partners")
"Mentoring is fun and rewarding. The time commitment isn't a factor once you make a friend."
- Senior Partner

"I believe the most rewarding thing about being a senior partner is when my junior partner calls me or I call her and I hear the happiness in her voice, and also knowing that I make a difference in her life."
- Senior Partner


Donations help to:

  • Recruit new Senior Partners and Activity Volunteers.
  • Cover the cost of background checks, insurance, and volunteer training.
  • Ensure quality matches between children and caring adults by trained, professional staff.
  • Offer monthly educational and social activities for kids on the waiting list as well as for Partnerships.
  • Provide consistent and ongoing professional support for every Partnership and youth on the waiting list.

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